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Indigenous and Community Engagement

Indigenous Community Engagement

Royal Camp Services Ltd is extremely proud of the relationships we have fostered over the years with indigenous communities, people and business in all jurisdictions where we have operations.

Our company works with Indigenous communities on the basis of four key elements of focus that constitute what we define as the Four Pillars of our engagement. These pillars are the driving force for how we conduct ourselves and do business with the First Nation, Metis and Inuit communities with which we engage:

First Nation relation

Mutual Respect

Royal Camp Services Ltd. acknowledges that we are all Treaty people who live and work together in mutual benefit to prosper from the opportunities that the land provides for us all.

Our goal is to demonstrate our commitment and adherence to this statement through our best efforts to seek out co-operation and partnership with indigenous communities and organizations in all regions we have or hope to develop operations.


Any relationship takes time to build. It may begin with a business opportunity but it never ends there. At Royal our goal is to build relationships with partner indigenous communities that demonstrate Royal Camp Services Ltd. is a proud and committed member of the local business community.

We know that our partner communities recognize the many values associated with our participation in the life of the community or our support for the growth and development of healthy community members through employment, training and career development.


It takes a committed and focused workforce to keep a healthy business actively growing and evolving to meet the needs of a constantly changing marketplace. Over the years, our company has successfully demonstrated an industry-leading commitment to the inclusion of persons of indigenous heritage in our workforce.

With the indigenous segment of our workforce numbering in the hundreds, we know that our work with partner communities, local indigenous populations, and indigenous organizations that support workforce development and training has proven successful.


It takes many different types of services to keep our facilities operating smoothly. Local indigenous businesses have played a key role in meeting the needs of our clients and guests. Our company has developed strong ties to those indigenous company’s already providing services to our operations and we work with our partner communities to ensure we will continue to grow and expand on those opportunities as our business grows and develops in to the future.

First Nation relation

We understand that there is no one way to do business

Every opportunity has its own unique characteristics and every community has its own particular distinctions, needs, goals and objectives. Our approach to community engagement and dialogue is to be transparent and open about who we are, what we do and how we do it, and to listen to what potential partner communities say partnership looks like to them.

There are opportunities when something big can happen and have success. There are also times when starting small, building for success and growing competency in the partnership is a better route to follow. There are other times when partnership may be something entirely different than what either party considered at the outset of the conversation.

Cold Lake First Nation and Royal Camp

Primco Dene - Royal Camp

Royal Camp proudly enjoys a very dynamic and industry leading partnership with Primco Dene of the Cold Lake First Nations, jointly operating numerous camps in the Cold Lake and Christina Lake areas under the name Primco Dene Royal Camp Services LP. This relationship has grown over 20 continuous years of commitment and cooperation by both partners. We are very proud of this company and the many awards it has received over the years for our business model and indigenous employment

If you are one of the following:

  • Apotential client seeking a service provider with the knowledge and experience to help make the indigenous component of your work project a success;
  • Anindigenous community seeking to find a business partner you can count on for commitment to excellence of service and who can be the partner you need to build a successful business operation to meet the needs of the industries and clients in your area for the long term;
  • Aperson of indigenous heritage who is seeking career employment with a company like ours where inclusion counts, where indigenous people are welcomed and valued as members of the team;
  • Anindigenous owned business seeking new supply and service opportunities in the remote site camp and catering industry;

For More Information, contact:

RCS Sales Team Tim Heins

Tim Heins

Vice President
Indigenous Community Engagement
Email: theins@royalcamp.com
Cell: 587-338-3337

Royal Camp actively conducts job fairs and recruits new hires from numerous communities within the areas in which we operate. Along with our valued clients Royal Camp continuously strives to bring tangible benefits to these communities through job training, education bursaries/scholarships as well as the sponsorship of local events, numerous sports and cultural groups and Elders Councils.