"Safety First, Quality Always"

RCS Health and Safety

Safety First, Quality Always

For Royal Camp Services Ltd., “Safety First, Quality Always”, is more than just a motto. It is a way of life, as it guides us day in, and day out. We believe that it is possible to make risk-free, safety-focused decisions and actions habitual. All employees share the company’s genuine commitment to health and safety, in turn, supported by a firm, fair and consistent enforcement policy. Through proper work planning, health and safety training, hazard identification, inspection and incident investigation, Royal Camp Services Ltd. fosters safe working attitudes and habits, resulting in staff who are inherently responsible and accountable for providing a safe working environment for all parties involved. We are committed to acting responsibly and proactively on health and safety, environmental and social issues. Furthermore, we will conduct all our business activities in a manner consistent with the values and behaviors expressed in our corporate policies and procedures.

The primary difference that separates Royal Camp Services Ltd. from our peers lies in our willingness to work closely with our valued clients. We develop strong relationships because we take their health and safety expectations very seriously. Skill cross training and promotion of our clients’ health and safety program are therefore vital on every Royal Camp Services Ltd. project. Ultimately, we are dedicated to involving and promoting awareness among all key stakeholders and our project leadership team members.

Helping to tie all of these aspects together, and to create transparency, is Royal Camp Services Ltd.’s membership in ISN, ComplyWorks & Avetta. We are also proud participants in Partners in Injury Reduction (PIR) and Alberta Certificate of Recognition (COR) holders.

If you have further questions regarding Royal Camp Services Ltd.’s HSSE program, or how we work in harmony with our client’s HSSE programs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Nathan Kelly
HSSE Manager
Royal Camp Services Ltd.

RCS Health and Safety